Fake Cubs mascot takes beating from Racing Presidents and grounds crew

LarQ celebrates his takedown of Teddy as Tom closes in. (Via MASN)

In January, the Chicago Cubs introduced the first official mascot in their modern history — Clark, a backwards cap-sporting, Cubs jersey-wearing, pants-less cub.

Clark wasn’t at Nationals Park this weekend, but the Racing Presidents had some fun at his expense with a Clark doppleganger named LarQ. In Saturday’s Presidents Race, LarQ toppled Teddy along the center field warning track before the other Racing Presidents came to his aid.

Teddy got his revenge in Sunday’s race with an assist from his tarp-rolling friends. Before Teddy reached the right field corner, LarQ, who was a bad little cub and forgot to zip up his chest, sprinted out of the Nationals’ bullpen.

LarQ unzipped. (Via MASN)

Before LarQ reached the finish line, he was tackled by members of the Nationals grounds crew, who proceeded to issue a WWE-style beatdown.

The grounds crew pummels LarQ. (Via MASN)

Teddy finished the job with a belly-flop.

Teddy smashes LarQ as Bill and Abe approach the finish line. (Via MASN)

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Scott Allen · July 7, 2014