Fan wears Chris Davis-Bryce Harper hybrid jersey to Nationals Park

The double rainbow was beautiful and all, but the most awe-inspiring sight at Nationals Park last night was arguably this young fan in the Chris Davis-Bryce Harper/Orioles-Nationals combo jersey.

Look at that thing. If you’re of the opinion that a real sports fan can’t wear Nats and O’s gear simultaneously – and listening to the Junkies on the way into work this morning, I get the sense that many of you are – this kid is doing it wrong and your blood is boiling.

Jake Russell spotted a fan in a Ryan Zimmerman-Cal Ripken combo shersey. Is this any less offensive?

Elsewhere at Nationals Park…

These fans said they’re happy whenever the Orioles lose. (Bryce Harper approves of this look.)

(Scott Allen/TWP)

This Braves fan was celebrating his birthday with a buddy by trolling everyone. He told me he’s also a Cowboys fan.

(Scott Allen/TWP)

This fan was excited for Wednesday’s Argentina-Netherlands match. I did not see any Brazil jerseys.

(Scott Allen/TWP)

“Just” in this couple’s case was May 24, 2014. Congrats.

(Scott Allen/TWP)

Phillies and Cardinals fans trollin’ dirty.

(Scott Allen/TWP)

I’m curious: Which type of  ‘jersey foul’ irks you the most? The fan wearing gear for multiple teams? The fan wearing gear of a team that isn’t playing? Something else? Or, should people wear whatever they want so long as they know they’re subject to ridicule on the Bog?

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Scott Allen · July 8, 2014