Bryce Harper’s ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercial is funny

July 10, 2014

(Via ESPN)

Stephen Strasburg’s “This Is SportsCenter” commercial debuted in May on ESPN. Racing President Teddy Roosevelt’s star turn in Bristol came last month. On Thursday, Bryce Harper completes the Nationals’ “This is SportsCenter” trifecta.

Harper’s 30-second spot, titled “Beast,” depicts a softer side of the normally intense outfielder. It opens with Harper and “SportsCenter” anchor Hannah Storm being reduced to tears while watching “Field of Dreams” in a dark studio. Storm’s mascara runs, as does Harper’s distinctive eye black.

On his way out of the room, Harper bumps into Silver Spring native and “SportsCenter” host Bram Weinstein, who is walking with fellow host John Anderson. They can’t help but notice Harper’s smeared eye black, and comedy ensues.

“They told me Harper and Strasburg were coming up, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I definitely want to do it with those guys,’ ” Weinstein, who had a more prominent role in Strasburg’s commercial, told Dan Steinberg in May. “For me, it was a treat.”

Harper’s spot was shot in January in Bristol.

Here are Strasburg and Teddy’s spots:

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