LeBron James return to Cleveland prompts Stefon Diggs to write about staying at home

(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

“I want to win a championship, I want to win bowl games,” Stefon Diggs told a crowd of fans when he committed to Maryland in 2012. “Where else is a better place to do it than your city?”

Diggs has not yet won a championship in College Park. His season-ending injury last fall means he hasn’t played in a bowl game, either. But Diggs remains the biggest Maryland football recruiting victory in the Randy Edsall Era — and one of the biggest for the Terps in decades. He is already popping up on award watch lists for 2014. And he’s doing so a few miles from where he grew up.

With LeBron James’s return to Cleveland, NFL.com compiled a list of 10 college football stars who had stayed close to home. Diggs was on that list. Which prompted this response.

I found it kind of sweet.

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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Dan Steinberg · July 14, 2014