Wizards’ Marcin Gortat reported on his own signing for NBC 4

July 16, 2014

(Via NBC)

Wizards center Marcin Gortat dropped by the NBC 4 studios in Cathedral Heights on Tuesday for a taste of what it’s like to be a sports anchor. Unlike his friends Drew Gooden, Al Harrington and Garrett Temple, who spent three and a half days last month getting a crash course in broadcasting at Syracuse’s Sportscaster U. program, Gortat arrived without prior training.

“Oh my God, you can’t imagine how nervous I am right now,” said Gortat, who did guest spots at 5 and 6.

Regular NBC sports anchor Dianna Russini’s job is probably safe, though Gortat did an admirable job in his sportscasting debut after dancing with Wendy Rieger and getting advice from Doreen Gentzler (“Just be yourself, only a little shorter.”)

“One of the Wizards’ biggest offseason priorities was made official,” Gortat said to open his on-camera segment, introducing last week’s news of his own signing. “Center Marcin Gortat has signed a contract extension to stay in Washington. Gortat tweeted out this photo, saying, quote, best day of my life, hashtag wiz, after signing a five year, $60 million contract to remain in DC.

(Via NBC)
(Via NBC)

“And for the Wizards fans, it could be the best day of their lives as well. The Polish Machine averaged over 13 points and led the team with 9.5 rebounds a game, helping lead the Wizards to their first playoff appearance since 2008. Throughout the season, Gortat was also the team leader in fashion, wearing only the highest quality suits. (I definitely agree with that.)”

After injecting that bit of humor, Gortat demonstrated the art of the smooth transition with this gem:

“To the Smith Center. Tennis anyone? Second home match for the Washington Kastles…”

After narrating a couple of Kastles highlights, Gortat kicked it back to the desk with a signature sendoff that should become a staple of all future NBC 4 sportscasts. 

“That’s your sports! I’m Marcin Gortat. Have a great day, and go Wizards.”

Check out Gortat’s full report — and a segment about the preparation that went into it — below.

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