RGIII urges you to ‘stay classy, baby’ in new Instagram series for Champs Sports

July 17, 2014

(Via Adidas)

In early July, Robert Griffin III posted a strange video to Instagram from a commercial shoot in Los Angeles. Griffin sported a gray suit, polkadot tie and fake mustache.

“Hi, hey there people, Stan here,” Griffin said in his best ‘Anchorman’ voice. “I’ll be presenting you with the weather coming soon, via Adidas. You stay classy, baby. Alriiight, alriiight, alriiight…”

(I’m just going to assume there are three i’s in Griffin’s alrights, alright?)

I forgot about this tease until Wednesday, when Champs Sports and Adidas posted a trailer for a series of “adicolorTV” episodes starring Griffin, Von Miller and DeMarco Murray. Rapper and Redskins fan Lil Jon is part of the campaign, too. TOUCHDOWN FOR WHAT?!

The episodes will appear on Champs Sports’ Instagram and the first one is scheduled to drop tomorrow.

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