RGIII wants people to know their whys

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As he often does, Robert Griffin III launched a hashtag discussion on social media over the weekend, this one centered around his longtime ‘Know Your Why’ motto, which has also adorned Adidas-brand cleats, T-shirts and hats.

Griffin started by explaining his whys, which have to do with faith, family and football.

If I’m being honest, this is all kind of hard for me to relate to. I never exactly woke up filled with a burning internal passion to find sports radio segments mildly relevant to D.C. sports fans and then to transcribe them quickly and come up with SEO-friendly headlines to get enough page views to convince editors to keep paying me money I can use on craft beer and my daughter’s summer camp tuition, while also keeping a roof over my head long enough to find a Washington athlete doing something mildly amusing on television so that I can poorly photograph the screen and thus keep the whole process going until I die and/or retire enabling me to sit back at a coffee shop and reminisce over all the fun I had with Twitter readers I never met who were probably like 40 percent spambots.

But not everyone is like me, if you can believe that, and the #KnowYourWhy thing struck a #chord with #people who wanted to #respond. Celebrities such as Marlon Wayans and MC Hammer weighed in. So did bold names from the sports world like Kevin Durant, John Wall, Michael Irvin, Torrey Smith, Justin Tuck, Charles Tillman and Stuart Scott. And former Baylor athletes Isaiah Austin, Odyssey Sims and Perry Jones III. And a bazillion Redskins.

Here are some of their responses.

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