The Wizards release first alternate jerseys since 2006 and they’re blue

(Via the Wizards)

The Wizards released their new alternate jerseys on Tuesday — their first alternates since going back to red-white-and-blue uniforms before the 2011-12 season. The alternates “will be primarily navy blue with red color-blocking at the top and ‘Washington’ listed on the front while the navy shorts will feature the secondary Monument’ logo,” the team said in a release.

They will go on sale on Oct. 1; the team has yet to announce how often or when they’ll be worn.

(Via the Wizards)
(Via the Wizards)

These are also Washington’s first uniforms since the gold and black ones, which were introduced before the 2006-07 season and retired in the spring of 2009. You’ll recall that I solicited the opinion of a few experts back then, including Gilbert Arenas.

“I like anything that’s not turquoise or blue or whatever color that is,” Gilbert Arenas said of the gold-and-blacks. “I want to go back to the red, white and blue colors. We’re Washington, D.C. The flag. America’s colors. That’s what we should be.”

(Via the Wizards)

Turns out Gilbert was correct. Anyhow, your thoughts?

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(As previously mentioned, the Wizards will also wear “Los Wizards” jerseys as part of the NBA’s annual “Noche Latina (Latin Night)” program.

Oh, and I’ll just leave this here, from Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan, who also analyzed the last alternates.

“Uniforms are always a design challenge because the amount of creativity is severely limited,” she wrote. “But I think Adidas did a good job with the Wizards’ new uniform by using a strong color that is thankfully neither red nor blue. The gold serves up a little razzle-dazzle without making the players look like they’re representing Las Vegas. And it was smart not to include a lot of busy stripes and swirls. Those kinds of excessive details are unnecessary when so many of the players have already accessorized themselves with tattoos so elaborate they’d leave Michelangelo in awe.”

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