Redskins use Tom Brady to market training camp


Every so often, some D.C. sports fans will get to talking about whether Washington teams should market visiting teams and stars. This issue seems to have particular resonance in this market, due to apparently larger-than-normal numbers of local sports fans who grew up elsewhere, plus Susan O’Malley.

Ted Leonsis, of course, several times has pledged not to market the opposition.

“I’ll never ever market our team and [ask fans to] come to our arena to see someone else play,” he said in 2010. “I think we have enough stars that can shine, and I want to build total loyalty and empathy and love for our players and our franchise.”

“We have enough stars and offer enough value to our fans to never have to mention another team and or player to get fans to come into our arena,” he wrote in a blog post that same year.

Now, a free summer practice is a lot different from a regular season game. The Redskins aren’t appreciably profiting by promoting Tom Brady. They probably are appealing as much to curious Redskins fans as to admirers of Tom Brady and the Patriots. And even if large numbers of Patriots fans fill the team’s Richmond facility during these upcoming joint practices — where attendance is limited by a lottery — I don’t think a home-field advantage would really come into play.

So I’m just posting this image, because it’s kind of striking to log onto and see a giant image of the starting quarterback from a different team.

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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Dan Steinberg · July 24, 2014