People dressed like superheroes at Redskins camp

(By Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)
(By Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

Question: What?

Answer: “The philosophy is there’s a lot of football fans,” said Wayne, a Richmond resident and one of the folks behind the Galactic Football League.  “And as I mentioned, George Lucas is a USC alumni. This is a USC jersey. I’m a diehard Trojan, graduated in ’75 from the Marshall School of Business. And George Lucas recently gave over $100 million to the USC film school, and our proposal to George is help the fellow alumni make the movie, and I’ll contribute half of everything I earn to the film school.”

Question: So you want to make a movie?

Answer: “That’s part of it,” Wayne said. “What they call a franchise system. So we’ll have comic books, coloring books, action figures. We hope to do fantasy football with it….And we’ll have stories, there’ll always be a portion of it to inspire young people about math and science and space. So maybe we can get NASA involved. We’re looking for some sponsors. Maybe we can run a thing in The Washington Post.”

Question: What?

Answer: “Every sport is mathematics, it’s physics,” Wayne also explained. “Picture an Iron Man-type of football player, or picture the Fox robot kind of guy in outer space. I’ll probably be out here later today in my alias of Tony Stark III. So TSIII, we’ll try that one.”

Also, “Earth and its colonies’ Terran Football (TFC) face off against the Alien Football Conference (AFC) on playing fields on solid ground and in deep space,” according to the GFL’s Web site.


(By Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

Question: What?

Answer: “It’s a Superfan get-up, a Super-Duper-fan” said Charles Johnson Jr., 31, pictured here. “I knew I’d get attention and maybe some interviews or pictures. I wouldn’t do this normally, because it’s too hot.”

Charles was wearing parts from several Halloween costumes, a modified vampire cape, a motorcycle jacket and motorcycle pads, wrestling boots, and several other elements of  what he called the “Ultimate Redskins Fan” ensemble.

“I’m an attention hog,” he said.


Question: What?

Answer: Maurice Perry’s niece is stationed in Fort Hood, and RGIII was recently there to film a commercial, and Perry’s niece talked to RGII (who was also there), and Maurice told her to tell RGII that he’s waiting on RGIV, and RGII said he is too, and so this inspired Maurice to go make himself an RG4 t-shirt.

“The idea behind it is if he can run a 4.3, and DeSean Jackson can run a 4.2, then I’m quite sure his son will run a 4.1,” Maurice said.


(By Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)

Question: What?

Answer: Dunno. I give up.

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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