Nationals’ Anthony Rendon really does think baseball is boring to watch

July 30, 2014

(Lynn Sladky/AP)

Does Nationals infielder Anthony Rendon think baseball is even more boring to watch than he let on with his comment during the all-star break about the game being too long? Is the 24-year-old getting enough sleep? Or is he just trolling us all?

I ask these questions because Rendon has displayed a severe case — read: two captured on camera — of the yawns over the last two days.

Here was Rendon yawning while at bat during Tuesday’s loss to the Marlins. In fairness, the game was rather boring, especially if you’re a fan of offense, and Rendon is very much a fan of offense.

And here was Rendon inhaling some air in the dugout on Wednesday while one of his teammates batted. In fairness, hitting RBI doubles is hard work and the game started at 12:40 p.m., which is unusual for a weekday. Still, it’s kinda rude that he didn’t even try to hide it, right?

I could get on board with the #RallyYawn, assuming it, you know, leads to some sort of rally. Keep on yawnin’, Tony. It’s contagious.

Thanks to @federalbaseball for the Vine. 

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