Riggo and the Hogs reunite in Papa John’s commercial

(Courtesy 44Outdoors)

Robert Griffin III will play sparingly in Thursday night’s preseason opener. Tom Brady won’t play at all.

But you still have to watch the game, because John Riggins and the Hogs are recreating their famous Five O’Clock Club in the back of a massive pizza truck as part of a new Papa John’s commercial.


The ad features Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby, Jeff Bostic and Doc Walker hanging out in the back of an 18-wheeler filled with pizzas and toppings, and driven by the Diesel. Riggins’s association with Papa John’s isn’t new, but he hadn’t previously brought along the Hogs, who remain iconic two decades after Washington’s last Super Bowl appearance.


(Courtesy 44Outdoors)
(Courtesy 44Outdoors)

If you’ve been living in Kurdistan for most of your life, the Five O’Clock Club was the group of Redskins greats from the 80s who would gather in a Redskins Park shed after practice. Coaches, and Theismann, were discouraged from attending.

“We were just in a shed, guys sitting around talking, and having a few cold adult beverages,” Jacoby once explained to ESPN 980′s Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin.

“Trust me, we solved a lot of world problems,” Bostic added. “The Five O’Clock Club, trust me, that was as big a part of our success.”

“It’s true,” Jacoby agreed. “Everybody talks about the Five O’Clock Club. Yes, there were guys out there having their cold beer, but there were also guys out there just to be out there. A lot of guys came out there to get things off their chest, let things air out.”

The new commercial was produced by 44Outdoors, a full service digital media company.

(Courtesy 44Outdoors)
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