Yep, Maryland and Virginia still really hate Duke

August 12, 2014

(Via Imgur)

The Reddit users who surveyed other Reddit users and created pretty, if unscientific, maps of the most hated MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams by state dipped into the amateur ranks with a map of the most hated college football programs by state last week. (You may remember that Vermont hated Maryland before the map was updated to omit bogus responses.)

Now there’s a map of college basketball hatred and it just might be the most accurate map in the series to date. Looking locally, survey respondents in Maryland and Virginia both hate Duke more than any other college hoops team, which sounds about right. It’s not reflected on the map for some reason, but the map’s creator reports that Syracuse is D.C.’s most-hated school, while Georgetown is the most-hated team in New York.

Other well-established rivalries are also represented. Kansas and Missouri hate each other; Ohio (State) and Michigan hate each other; and West Virginia and Pennsylvania (Pitt) hate each other. Meanwhile, Wyoming residents are evidently still burning about the Cowboys’ 1986 NIT Championship game loss to Ohio State.

Duke, Kentucky and Kansas are among the most widely loathed programs, which is believable, but’s Martin Rickman suggests we should still question the validity of the results. He may have a point.

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