Redskins fan sings RGIII song to RGIII

August 13, 2014

(By John McDonnell / The Washington Post)


The Redskins are gone from Richmond now, but before they left, one lucky fan was able to serenade Robert Griffin III with an apparently self-composed song that mostly seemed to be about Robert Griffin III.


After singing the song repeatedly from the sidelines, the fan managed to attract the attention of many players, including RGIII, with much laughter ensuing. Finally, Griffin came over and jammed along with the man as he sang his song, whose lyrics go something like this:

Haillllll, to the Redskins!

Haiilllll RGIII.


Put a touchdown on the board;

Alfred Morris he’ll be the one-ne who scored.

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight),

Fight fight fight (fight fight fight), fight fight fight (fight fight fight).

(Etc., until death)

(Via Ian and Emily)

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