Michael Taylor’s hi-top was on display during batting practice

August 14, 2014

(Via MASN)

One day after Michael Taylor made baseball look easy by singling in his first major league at-bat and homering later in the game, his Nationals teammates had a little fun with the rookie by cutting out the back panel of his batting practice cap.

Before Washington’s 3-2 win at Citi Field on Wednesday, Taylor’s impressive hi-top fade was on full display, but one had to look closely to notice.

The first photos to surface, which were posted on Nats Enquirer, didn’t seem to reveal anything out of the ordinary. 

Here’s a slightly better look. You can see that Taylor’s teammates left a thin blue strip along the bottom of the back panel, including the MLB logo stitching at the back of the cap, creating a visor.

(Via MASN)

Michael Taylor batting practice hat giveaway, anyone?

(Via MASN)

Taylor, who led off and started in center field, finished 0 for 4 with three strikeouts.

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