Tyler Clippard bobblehead’s goggles are not removable, but they do feature plastic lenses

August 14, 2014

Nationals fans who like bobbleheads (and gnomes) have been treated to the largest number of figurine giveaways in team history this season and there are still three more bobbleheads to be had, beginning with the Bill Taft Racing President bobble on Sunday. I’m quickly running out of room on my desk.

I was curious about a couple details of the Ian Desmond and Tyler Clippard bobblehead giveaways, so I asked a team spokesperson. Really important stuff ahead.

Ian Desmond
Desmond’s bobble does not include the shortstop’s ‘END NF’ tattoo on his left, plastic forearm because it was designed before the season and Desmond didn’t get the tattoo until June. That’s too bad.

Tyler Clippard
Clippard’s trademark goggles are not removable like the catcher’s mask on Wilson Ramos’ bobblehead from earlier this season, but they do feature plastic individual lenses. (His front foot is also not liftable.)

(Rob Foldy/Getty)
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