Chick Hernandez will co-host Comcast SportsNet’s “SportsTalk Live with Brian Mitchell”

August 18, 2014

(Courtesy Comcast SportsNet)

As mentioned in Sunday’s column, Comcast SportsNet will today announce that on Sept. 1, longtime anchor and reporter Chick Hernandez will assume a new role as co-host of “SportsTalk Live with Brian Mitchell,” which airs at 10 p.m. every weekday.

Hernandez will continue to serve as the host of Comcast SportsNet’s “Redskins Kickoff” and “Redskins Postgame Live” programs, while Rob Carlin will assume the Redskins beat reporting duties that Hernandez handled for the past two seasons. Carlin, who joined the network in October 2011, has previously contributed to Redskins coverage for “Redskins Kickoff” and “Redskins Postgame Live.”

“SportsTalk Live” debuted in January 2012 with Mitchell and Ivan Carter as the hosts. After Carter left the network in November 2012, Mitchell was joined by a rotating cast of hosts until Nicole Darin was named his regular co-host in September of last year. The rotating cast format returned after Darin left the network in June, with various CSN personalities, including Hernandez, filling in.

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Scott Allen · August 18, 2014