Bryce Harper says a Beltway World Series would be epic

August 21, 2014

(Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Another night, another walk-off. That’s four in five games for the surging Nationals, a feat that only two other teams have accomplished in the last 20 years.

“Just absolutely epic,” said Bryce Harper, who had three hits and scored the winning run Wednesday on Anthony Rendon’s single to left. “That’s the best word I can put on it. It’s been incredible. This team has a lot of fight. We’ve got a lot of heart, and we never die. We like to go out there and win ballgames. Of course, it’s nice being in first place.”

Harper joined “MLB Tonight” for an on-field interview after the Nationals’ 3-2 win over the Diamondbacks.

(Via MLB Network)

While one half of the split-screen showed the Orioles finishing off a sweep of the White Sox, Harper talked about getting comfortable this season, changing his batting stance and having fun during the Nationals’ nine-game winning streak. Host Greg Amsinger asked Harper about the baseball buzz in the D.C. area, with the Nationals and Orioles running away with their divisions.

“Man, it would be so epic to have a Beltway World Series,” Harper said. “Us against them. Have just an amazing crowd every single night. When we play them, it’s pretty insane in both ballparks. That would be pretty incredible for that to happen. Hopefully we can both get there and make some bigger buzz coming into every single day we play.”

The most epic part of the interview, though, came at the end.

“Hey, do you guys know if Mountain Ridge Little League won?” Harper asked. The Las Vegas native has kept close tabs on the first team to represent Nevada at the Little League World Series and even called one of Mountain Ridge’s coaches to say good luck.

There was silence in the “MLB Tonight” studio before they found the score and told Harper that Mountain Ridge had defeated Mo’Ne Davis and her Pennsylvania squad.

“Way to go, boys,” Harper said. “That’s awesome.”

Harper’s reaction after learning that Mountain Ridge Little League won. (Via MLB Network)


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