A move to Virginia might be best for both Daniel Snyder and the city

That the Redskins are flirting with building their next stadium in Virginia really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Jack Evans: RFK site ideal for Redskins stadium

D.C. mayoral candidate and council member Jack Evans says there's no better site in the region for a new football stadium than RFK.

Redskins promise free WiFi at FedEx Field in 2014

As stadiums continue to compete with comfortable homes and large TVs, the Redskins turn to free wireless.

Makeshift potties at FedEx Field

Don't look at the photo, or if you do, don't use your imagination too much.

Redskins set lowest FedEx Field attendance mark

Sunday's loss to the Chiefs was the lowest-attended game in FedEx Field's history.

FedEx Field is rather empty

There seem to be a few seats available at FedEx Field for today's game against the Chiefs.

  • Lindsay Applebaum
  • ·
  • Dec 8, 2013

Santana Moss on the crowd at FedEx Field

Santana Moss says he's tired of being flicked off in the parking lot outside his home stadium. That seems sad.

Bob Costas sign at FedEx Field

One fan doesn't like Bob Costas's name. Another wants to remind people of the good old days. A third wants to be electrocuted.

Sparse Redskins stands at kickoff

Holiday weekend, cold night, primetime game with no playoff implications? That means a smallish crowd.

The new grass at FedEx Field

The Redskins will display their new sod Monday night in Landover. Here's a sneak peek.

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