A short history of George McPhee being happy at the trade deadline

Every year, the Caps GM is happy at the trade deadline. Which makes sense. But this is just chum for angry fans.

SI on Alex Ovechkin’s relationship with Maria Kirilenko

Caps wingertells Sports Illustrated that his relationship with the tennis star means 'no more crazy stuff.'

MC Hammer, Alex Len, George McPhee fist pumps at Caps game

Because a mere division title wasn't exciting enough, Tuesday night's tilt also featured an '80s rapper, a Maryland big man and a fist-pumping GM.

Morning Pixels: McPhee says Caps are ‘in here to win’

Caps GM tells LaVar Arrington that 'management will do whatever it takes to win' in D.C.

McPhee says Ovechkin’s lifestyle will change

GM of the Caps says an engaged Ovechkin is 'not going to be living the way he used to live, and that's ok with us.'

George McPhee says Caps got ‘fair and reasonable’ schedule

Caps general manager says his team aggressively cooperates with the NHL on scheduling, and was treated fairly as a result.