The Wizards are selling standing-room only tickets to Marcin Gortat’s action figure night

Raptors + Saturday night + Marcin Gortat action figures = a big Wizards crowd

Marcin Gortat received more all-star votes than Kevin Durant

A huge, late surge propelled the Wizards center to just one place out of a starting spot in the East.

Marcin Gortat rips Bulls fans, tells hater, ‘Cry to ur mama!’

It was a busy night on Twitter for the Polish Machine.

  • Gabe Hiatt
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  • Wizards
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  • Jan 15, 2015

Here’s Leon Spinks punching Marcin Gortat’s dad

Janusz Gortat fought Spinks on the Olympics. Here's photographic evidence.

Watch Marcin Gortat hurt his back in warm-ups

Wizards big man tweaked a back injury during a dunk in warmups, missing his team's loss in Portland.

Marcin Gortat wants fighting in the NBA

Wizards center would like players to be able to throw fists at each other during games.

Andre Miller’s shoelaces and socks

Wily Wizards veteran ties his shoelaces behind his ankles and wears his socks inside-out.

Marcin Gortat brings 8-year old boy from Poland to Wizards games

Wizards big man helps bring a young boy whose father died in Afghanistan to Washington for a week.

Marcin Gortat and Jan Vesely: boys for life

Wizards big man makes you feel wistful as Jan Vesely heads out of town.

Marcin Gortat tweets his reaction to the Wizards trade

The Wizards' big man says farewell to Vesely and Maynor and hello to Andre Miller in his own distinctive way.

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