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Posted at 01:50 AM ET, 09/15/2010

Full text: Vincent Gray's victory speech in mayor's race

The following is text provided to The Washington Post by the Gray campaign prior to Gray delivering his victory speech early Wednesday morning.

-- -- --

Thank you District of Columbia!

Tonight, the people of the District sent a message loud and clear that they want to bring character, integrity and leadership back to the Mayor's office, and that it's time we come together as "One City!"

A short while ago I received a call from Mayor Fenty. I congratulated him for running a hard and spirited campaign, and he was gracious in offering his support moving forward. Despite our differences, I know that Adrian Fenty shares our commitment to this city. Please join me in applauding and thanking him for his record of service to the people of the District of Columbia.

But now it's time for us to look forward, at how we can work to unite this city, so that every resident has not only a voice - but has a role in tackling the challenges that we face.

We all need to step up to the plate to solve our collective challenges.

After all, this is One City.

When high unemployment ravages Ward 8, the effects are felt in Ward 3.

When some of our students fall behind, the entire community feels it.

When senseless violence claims a victim in one neighborhood, none of our families feel safe.

That's why we need community engagement and collaboration. Because these challenges are all of our challenges.

But let me say this - to those who say you can't have both collaboration and reform... that they are mutually exclusive...

I say, "You're wrong!"

And we're going to prove it to you!

Make no mistake - school reform will move forward in a Gray Administration! And it will be done in a holistic way, with a strong, empowered Chancellor who works with parents and teachers!

Make no mistake - we will work tirelessly to put District residents back to work! And we'll not only tackle the unemployment crisis, but we'll give our small business owners the support they need to succeed.

Make no mistake - we will work to make sure that our families are safe and feel safe in every neighborhood. We'll engage the community in public safety, and make sure we have more officers on foot and bike patrol across the city.

And make no mistake - we will work to restore your trust in city government by being fiscally responsible, bringing back transparency, and sending a message that the days of pay-to-play politics are over!

Now, to those people who still have lingering doubts about whether we will move this city forward ... about whether we will pursue the reforms that this city needs...

To those people, I want to send this message...

Take my hand, join our effort, and make sure that we do!

Hold us accountable. Question us. Demand transparency.

I'll work hard to make sure we don't disappoint.

All I ask in return is this - don't sit on the sidelines. Be involved.

Because only if we all work together can we move this city forward!

Let me close by thanking some of the people who helped make tonight possible.

First, and most importantly, my family ... [add personal comments]

Secondly, I want to thank my outstanding and dedicated campaign staff, and our ragtag army of volunteers who put so much of their blood, sweat and tears into making this victory happen. We were outraised, outspent, and outnumbered - but we were never outworked. Your passion and dedication brought this victory home, and I'll forever be grateful.

Finally, I want to thank the voters of the District of Columbia. I am truly humbled that you put your trust and faith in me, and rest assured - I will never take it for granted, and will work every day to continue to earn it!

I'm so proud as I look out over this crowd tonight - a crowd that reflects the diversity, the hope, the potential of the District and its people.

And I know we're all going to have a great celebration tonight - but, remember ... we're not done yet!

We still have one more election to go!

So don't take down those yard signs just yet...

Don't put away those walking shoes...

Don't start sending me any resumes...

We need to spend the next seven weeks getting the message out and bringing this thing home.

we need to reach out to our republican and independent neighbors, and those whose votes we didn't earn in this primary, and let them know that we need them to be a part of our efforts as well.

But I promise you this...

If you do your part, I'll do my part...

And together, we'll help bring together all the people of the District and truly build One City.

Thank you!

By Christopher Dean Hopkins  |  01:50 AM ET, 09/15/2010

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