Report offers information on mishandled bags, on time depatures

Many bags do look alike. Make sure you don’t lose sight — or possession — of yours. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

The monthly Air Travel Consumer Report is out for April with details about flight delays, statistics on mishandled baggage and passenger complaints. This is a great document for tracking airline performance. It offers tidbits including detailed data on the time of day when flights are most likely to be on time (mornings are best) broken down by airport. The report is put out by the Department of Transportation.

Some highlights:

  • On-time performance: Hawaiian, Alaska and AirTran airlines ranked first, second and third for on-time arrivals for the 12-month period that ended February 2013, according to the report. The three lowest-ranked carriers were Express Jet (16), American (15) and United (14).  A note in the report indicates that “A flight is counted as ‘on time’ if it operated less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time shown in the carriers’ Computerized Reservations Systems (CRS).”
  • Flight cancellations: American Eagle, ExpressJet and JetBlue recorded the most flight cancellations for the time period. The numbers aren’t huge — about 4.8 percent of American Eagle’s flights were canceled — but they certainly do matter if you were a passenger on one of those planes.
  • Mishandled baggage: Of course we know getting passengers to their destinations is only part of the trip. Getting your luggage there also matters. Among the airlines with the most complaints of mishandled baggage during this time period: American Eagle, Skywest and ExpressJet. Airlines that fared well: Virgina America, JetBlue and AirTran.

This is just a sampling of data. You can check out the report yourself by clicking here. 

The Post’s Ashely Halsey also has a story on the report. I’ll provide a link when it’s available.

Lori Aratani writes about how people live, work and play in the D.C. region for The Post’s Transportation and Development team.
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