Bespoke bike fashion

November 20, 2013

A few weeks ago, we wrote about an Oakland, Calif. -based “tinkerer” who was inspired to create a pair of stylish high heels you could bike in.

Today, we bring you more bike fashion.

Seattle-based Hub and Bespoke specializes in designing fashionable and practical items for cyclists. As the shop’s Web site notes the items its sells are ” . . . a collection of apparel and accessories that meet functional needs with a fashionable sensibility.”

For the rainy season, there’s the women’s riding coat, which has special reflective features including:  sleeve cuffs turn down to reveal reflective material, ideal for hand signaling,  a collar that turns up to reveal a reflective neckband and back  pleats that conceal  the reflective strips that are sewn into the skirt when the wearer is stationary, but flare open when they catch air during a ride.

There’s also an equestrian-style helmet cover, which comes in several colors.

I know you don’t need to dress fancy to ride a bike (and probably shouldn’t), or spend a lot of money but  the idea that bicycle-loving entrepreneurs are remaking old standards with two-wheeled travelers in mind seemed too good not to share.

Lori Aratani writes about how people live, work and play in the D.C. region for The Post’s Transportation and Development team.
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