X-ray hound awaits you at Reagan National

national dog


TSA has been busily tweeting photos today from Reagan National Airport to show how short the lines are at security. This time their intrepid photographer captured one of TSA’s dogs, looking very much like he may have X-ray vision. You never know with the TSA.

In other traffic news, we told you earlier that people seemed to have postponed their holiday travel to northern destinations, most likely in an effort to wait out the big storm that rolled in late yesterday. Well, they may be getting less rain but they sure are getting to see a lot of one another. Traffic is crawling up I-95 between Washington and Baltimore. And people who tried to sneak out the back way — east across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and north on the Delmarva peninsula — are having no better luck. An accident just west of the bridge has people doing the crawl there, too.

Ashley Halsey reports on national and local transportation.
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