Ride the Silver Line and life will never be the same again, Metro says

June 24, 2014

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And … we’re off!

Now that we have an opening date,  Metro’s Silver Line promotional campaign has shifted into high gear.

First out of the gate, three television ads touting how life will improve once Metro Silver Line opens. The 15-second ads, which went up on Metro’s Web site Tuesday morning, are set to begin running on local television stations this week.

The gist — life is going to be SO MUCH BETTER once the Silver Line opens. Really. Truly.

Hot dates, excitement galore — even a better job?

The transit authority is spending $750,000 this fiscal year to promote the Silver Line, which is set to open July 26, according to spokesman Dan Stessel. In addition to the TV spots, street teams have been handing out little bottles of hand sanitizer with the “SV” logo as well as cleaning cloths with a system map that includes the five new Silver Line stations.

In one ad, we meet John, a scruffy chap with a cat on his lap. John is lonely (well, except for the cat), but there’s hope.

“Once the Silver Line comes along, John’s dating pool will double,” the ad proclaims.

In a second spot, we’re introduced to the Anderson Family. They’re petrified — PETRIFIED — of D.C. traffic — but once the Silver Line comes along …

Well, you get the gist.

Yes, the ads are goofy but they are memorable. So far the reception in the Twitterverse has been mixed.

But there are those who have their doubts about whether the Silver Line will indeed improve one’s love life.

And yes, we totally agree that the ads are just ripe for parody. We can’t wait.

Lori Aratani writes about how people live, work and play in the D.C. region for The Post’s Transportation and Development team.
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