Air travel

Inert grenades? Ah, just another day at airport security

TSA officers seize lots of interesting items at airport checkpoints. Here are a few more entries from Atlanta.

Super Bowl rules: guacamole yes, drones no

The FAA offers this handy reminder: Drones and football don't mix, especially at the Super Bowl.

Travel woes continue after snowstorm

Dozens of flights from D.C. area airports -- many bound for airports in the New York area and farther up the coast -- are delayed or canceled on Wednesday.

The FAA wants you to carry on your e-cigs

E-cigarettes left in checked luggage have caused two fires.

Millions of travelers may have no idea Dulles Airport is in Virginia

Gov. Terry McAuliffe said a new campaign is designed to remind visitors that Virginia is for lovers (and that it's a good place to do business).

40 percent say they’ll bail out of D.C. area for holidays

AAA forecast says it will be a record number of departures for the region.

Tricky gun owner gets nabbed by TSA

TSA says he took handgun apart and hid it in a PlayStation in hope of eluding security officers.

About 98.6 million plan holiday travel, AAA projects

With the economy looking up and gas prices down, more people plan December travel.

In ‘This Town’ you never know who’s going to be on your flight

Who knew that Prince William flies coach?

Construction worker dies after incident at BWI Airport

The incident happened around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon near the south side of the airport.

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