Board members will hear the transit staff proposal to widen gaps between trains to bolster on-time performance.

Rather than display the ads from the group depicting a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, Metro officials voted to ban all new issue oriented advertising for the remainder of 2015.

Metro's proposal to widen the gaps between trains may help on-time performance, but also could increase crowding, even on the Blue Line.

Some buses have been re-routed as traffic delays continue.

"Shark Week' comes to WMATA?

NTSB officials interviewed more than a dozen Metro officials as part of their investigation into the fatal Jan. 12 smoke incident, but former General Manager Richard Sarles wasn't among them.

A disabled train at Suitland might cause delays all along the line.

Two trains offloaded at Farragut North within minutes of each other during the height of the rush hour. Trains single-tracked. There were delays in both directions. A platform got so crowded that Metro didn't allow any more riders inside the station for at least 20 minutes.

Trains are no longer single-tracking, but it's still a terrible evening on the Red Line.

Riders raise this possibility because they're desperate for better service. But forget that goal if the motive is profit.

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