After the storm, many unplowed bike paths

Many bike lanes remain covered in snow Tuesday afternoon, and it is unclear when they will be cleared as crews continue to focus their efforts on roads and sidewalks.

Montgomery Bikeshare participation exceeds expectations

The bike-sharing program attracted about 35,000 trips in its first year.

D.C. Council panel again postpones bill to end contributory negligence for bikers, pedestrians

D.C. Council committee tables the bill, and kills it before it reaches the full Council, upseting the growing biking community.

D.C. postpones vote on bill that would protect injured cyclists and pedestrians

D.C. Council committee postpones vote on the bill that would make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to recover damages.

D.C. bill would make it easier for cyclists, pedestrians to collect damages

Advocates rallied Thursday morning in support of legislation that would end a contributory negligence system they call "harsh" and "unfair."

Capital Bikeshare operator Alta Bicycle Share is sold

Capital Bikeshare officials say the deal will not create immediate changes in Washington's bike system.

Rise in U.S. bicycle fatalities concerns safety advocates

More people commuting by bicycle has led to 16 percent increase in fatalities, study finds.

Share your Bike to Work Day experiences

More than 14,000 people in region are expected to participate in Friday's event.

Are Capital Bikeshare bikes ever stolen?

A hundred bikes have been stolen since the program launched in 2010. All but 16 have been recovered.

May 16 named Bike To Work Day

Last year, more than 14,500 cyclists participated in the annual event.

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