Grab those Turkey-Day airline tickets now

"Thanksgiving airfares are on the rise, and each day that you dilly-dally around and fail to book will cost you five dollars more."

No, no, no, to flying with this blade

A woman makes obvious mistake, tucking a knife in her carry-on at BWI airport.

Roads awash, but flights are taking off

A night of heavy rain has caused traffic accidents and issues, but flights still moving on schedule

Stun gun is latest ‘Oops, I forgot’ at BWI

Passengers often say they forgot they were carrying weapons when they go to board flights

‘Holy smokes, I forgot I had that!’

Guns are discovered frequently at TSA airport security checkpoints, but this week it was a machete at BWI

Business is booming at BWI

For the first time in a decade, more passengers flew through BWI than Dulles.

BWI breaks yearly passenger record again

BWI breaks yearly passenger record again

Major delays at BWI and in the Northeast

Fog is creating massive delays at BWI Airport and elsewhere in the Northeast.

Mice spotted at BWI Airport

Mice have been reported at BWI Airport, prompting an investigation from health officials.

The Thanksgiving getaway so far

After a quiet morning, traffic is picking up on the region's main roadways out of town.

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