Wake up behind the wheel, campaign says

New public education campaign targets dangers of drowsy driving.

CNN’s home page pairs Justin Bieber’s arrest with teen driving ads

Pop star and budding cautionary tale Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI in Florida, and CNN's homepage paired the news with an ad promoting safe teen driving.

Cell phone to ear? Ticket in hand

Maryland police no longer need another reason to pull over and ticket drivers using hand-held cell phones

Teen drivers and their parents: two views on teen traffic laws

Parents think they do a good job in enforcing teen driving restrictions; their kids beg to differ

Drivers want less talk, more law enforcement action

Canadian drivers say they want crack down on distracted driving, local cyclists want 3-foot-law respected and enforced.

In your garage before you know it: a car that drives itself

As driverless cars take to the roads will auto insurance and auto body shops really be necessary?

Are D.C. drivers really the worst?

A new study says that D.C. drivers are the worst in the nation. What do you think?

Tips for traveling in this week’s heat

Here are some survival tips for rail and road commuters.