Monday morning troubles on Metro lines

Earlier problem with a disabled train on the Red Line. Green/Yellow lines delayed because of medical emergency.

Metro’s Red Line delays over

A signal problem on Metro's Red Line caused delays Thursday morning.

Cracked rail delays Metro’s Red Line

Track problem near Grosvenor is causing delays in both directions.

Metro’s Red Line no longer single-tracking

A track problem outside Metro's Silver Spring station caused delays.

False call at Metro’s Farragut North stop

Metro's riders heard an announcement in Wednesday morning commute telling them to evacuate

Man struck by Metro Red Line train survives

Man hit by Metro train at Bethesda station had history of seizures.

Earlier problem on Metro’s Red Line resolved

Earlier train malfunction causes problems in the direction of Shady Grove.

Happy Friday — Metro Red Line delays resolved

Train malfunction at Silver Spring station. Delays on Metro's Red Line.

Earlier delay on Metro’s Red Line resolved

Delays on Metro's busy Red Line. Sick customer aboard a train.

Delays on Metro’s Red Line

Riders on Metro's Red Line should expect delays. Trains are sharing a track between Wheaton and Forest Glen.

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