Problem on Metro’s Blue, Silver lines creates headache on Orange Line too

Quickly fixed but earlier single tracking between Stadium-Armory and Addison Road stops because of a signal problem outside Benning Road station.

Fairfax working on signs for Silver Line garage

County transportation department sees need to help drivers navigate Wiehle Avenue garage.

Navigating Silver Line garage can be confusing

Garage at Wiehle-Reston East station already is popular with drivers who have figured out the ways into it.

The Silver Line opens in Fairfax and fewer commuters are riding the bus

Bus ridership is down in Fairfax County, while rail usage appears to be up since the opening of the Silver Line.

Ever heard of Greensboro? Spring Hill? How the Silver Line stations got their names

If you've never heard of the Northern Virginia communities of Greensboro or Spring Hill, just ride the Silver Line.

Silver Line: What to watch for on Monday

After the weekend's joy-riding, commuting on the new Metro line gets serious.

Parking at Silver Line garage? Check your SmarTrip card.

If you use SmartBenefits program, be sure it covers parking.

So we have Silver Line. What’s next?

Travelers want extensions to Centreville, Woodbridge, Baltimore and Southern Maryland. Don't count on that.

What’s so ‘new’ about the Silver Line?

Will there be delays and breakdowns? Sure.

A guide for using the Metrorail guide

Metrorail is in the midst of dramatic changes in its operating schedule. Riders need to research them.

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