Beltway trip led through several climate zones

A counterclockwise trip around the Capital Beltway took Dr. Gridlock through many of the road conditions that this snowy day has in store for drivers.

Area airports report p.m. flight cancellations

Area airports are reporting delays and cancellations because of snow.

A light morning on Metro’s 32 bus line

Along Wisconsin Avenue NW, buses are passing many empty bus stops.

Stay off D.C. area roads as winter storm intensifies

If you are planning to do your regular commute, the conditions you start out in won't match the conditions when you try to return home.

Snowstorm updates: Metro, VRE and MARC status

The snowstorm is expected to impact travel across the region. Here's the latest on Metro, MARC and VRE.

Hundreds of flights canceled as snowstorm looms

With a snowstorm approaching Washington, hundreds of flights scheduled to travel through the region's three airports on Wednesday have already been canceled.

How storm is likely to affect D.C. area’s roads

Don't drive on Wednesday if you can possibly avoid it. Travelers will encounter rain, sleet, snow and gusty winds that will limit visibility, bring down branches and probably darken some traffic signals.