And you thought your Red Line commute was bad

About 500 feet of copper cable was stolen from tracks serving two of New York's busiest subway lines. The consequence: delays, crowding and thousands of riders forced onto shuttle buses.

What else could we try to ease highway congestion?

HOT lanes and transit improvements dominate discussions, but our proposals may be too modest.

‘Fix My Commute’ forum envisions new age of travel

Livestream event will focus on big solutions to common commuting problems.

5 D.C. area transportation projects to watch

D.C., Maryland and Virginia are adding some big plans to the regional list.

Buses replace light rail near Baltimore due to wire problem

Passengers forced to disembark at Patapsco can wait in a "comfort train."

In Brazil’s largest city, with bus drivers on strike, insanity ensues on the subway

Sao Paulo transit passengers inundate subway as bus drivers walk off their jobs in Brazil's biggest metropolis.

Oops! French agency buys trains, finds stations aren’t big enough!

New fleet of rail cars costing $2.7 billion prove too wide for passenger platforms all over France; measurement error cited.

Distracted driving up on I-95 in Northern Virginia

More drivers admit they use mobile devices to talk or text on congested highway.

Washington is a walking, biking city

D.C. ranks second in walking to work, seventh in biking to work.

How the Paris Métro compares to Washington’s

In Paris, the sight of food on the trains is part of the commuting experience, as is dealing with doors that don’t open automatically, street peddlers selling Paris history books to tourists, and performers playing music on trains.

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