Inert grenades? Ah, just another day at airport security

TSA officers seize lots of interesting items at airport checkpoints. Here are a few more entries from Atlanta.

Maryland woman arrested at BWI for carrying a loaded gun

TSA officers detected a .38 pistol and 16 loose bullets in the woman’s carry-on bag.

What, no lines at the airport?

TSA trumpets its success by tweeting photo from Reagan National

Tips for Thanksgiving travelers

Travelers about to begin their holidays wrote in with questions and comments on their escape plans.

Memorial fund created for slain TSA officer

A memorial fund has been created for Gerardo Ismael Hernandez, the first TSA officer to be killed in the line of duty since the agency was established.

No, no, no, to flying with this blade

A woman makes obvious mistake, tucking a knife in her carry-on at BWI airport.

Stun gun is latest ‘Oops, I forgot’ at BWI

Passengers often say they forgot they were carrying weapons when they go to board flights

‘Holy smokes, I forgot I had that!’

Guns are discovered frequently at TSA airport security checkpoints, but this week it was a machete at BWI

Loaded Beretta 9mm snared at Dulles

An Alexandria man is cited on a weapons charge after TSA finds a handgun in his luggage at Dulles

TSA has an app for that

The Transportation Security Administration has an app that offers information about airport delays and a way to e-mail TSA representatives questions.

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