Coke’s amazing race

The product: Coke
The premise: An interactive commercial: Showgirls vs. cowboys vs. badlanders, all on a race through the desert for Coke.
The punchline: The commercial continues online — You can vote for who you want to win, and put obstacles in front of their opponents in choose-your-own-adventure-style videos that play on For example, one delay sends a chicken crossing the road in front of the badlanders, delaying them by 16 seconds.
The verdict: Cool idea, but how many people will tear themselves away from the game to vote?

The ad that Pepsi made in response, which debuted on Funny or Die, is even better: It depicts the Coke chase actors thumping on a vending machine that refuses to produce a Pepsi. It’s funnier than Pepsi’s actual ad.

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