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Posted at 12:54 AM ET, 09/20/2014

Johnny Football, (mostly) summed up in one Instagram post

Remember this guy? (David Richard/Associated Press)

Remember when the antics of Johnny Football were the most talked-about stories related to the NFL? Ah, halcyon days, my friends. Halcyon days.

Anyway, Manziel isn’t getting in the news much these days, what with all the other things crowding out the backup quarterback for the Browns. Did someone say, “Johnny Bench”? But just to remind us what kind of a guy he is, Manziel posted a near-perfect image on Instagram:

Yup, that’s Manziel’s Heisman trophy adorned with a gold Rolex, along with the caption, “Gifts for the boy.” In other words, Great Player (At Least in College) + Pretty Crass Dude. All that’s missing in the background is, say, a bottle of Cristal (are rich kids still swilling that in nightclubs? Surprisingly, I wouldn’t know).

Don’t you go changing, Johnny.

(H/T Bleacher Report)

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Posted at 12:51 AM ET, 09/20/2014

Florida State will now bench Jameis Winston for the entire Clemson game

The current climate in sports, and football in particular, has plenty of administrators re-examining their policies on player infractions, especially those of a socially sensitive nature. Top officials at Florida State clearly thought twice about suspending Jameis Winston for just the first half against Clemson, so late Friday night they announced that the quarterback will sit out the whole game.

The Seminoles quarterback, who last year became the youngest winner of the Heisman award, is being punished for an on-campus incident Tuesday. Winston reportedly jumped on a table at the student union and, amid a throng of people, yelled a profane phrase involving a sexual act.

On Wednesday, Florida State’s interim president, Garnett S. Stokes, and athletic director, Stan Wilcox, announced that, “as a result of his comments yesterday, which were offensive and vulgar, Jameis Winston will undergo internal discipline and will be withheld from competition for the first half of the Clemson game.”

Apparently, by Friday Winston’s words were deemed to have gotten even more offensive and vulgar, because Stokes and Wilcox released this statement:

“Based upon the results of our continuing investigation of Tuesday’s incident involving Jameis Winston, we have decided not to play him for the entire game against Clemson on Saturday night.”

It is possible that the administrators really did learn something new from their “continuing investigation” which mandated a heavier punishment. Or it is possible that they paid some heed to the widespread criticism heaped upon Florida State for taking it too easy on Winston to begin with, especially given the quarterback’s checkered history.

Winston was accused of sexual assault in 2012, but authorities ultimately decided against charging him with anything. This spring, he was suspended from the baseball team for shoplifting crab legs.

Sean Maguire, an unheralded redshirt sophomore, is expected to play quarterback for the top-ranked Seminoles Saturday against the No. 22 Tigers.

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Posted at 10:07 PM ET, 09/19/2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook gets ‘Roll Tide!’ yelled at him, has perfect response

Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, opens the door to an Apple Store to begin sales of the new iPhone 6 in Palo Alto, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Being a living organism on Planet Earth, you might just have heard that Apple launched the iPhone 6 on Friday. It was the kind of momentous occasion that can cause the CEO of one of the world’s most highly valued companies to mingle with hoi polloi, or at least the hoi polloi lined up to buy his firm’s newest must-have item.

And so it was that Tim Cook, the successor to the late Steve Jobs at Apple, showed up at one of his stores in Palo Alto to help open the doors and let in the ravenous hordes. As he passed the line — shaking hands, posing for photos and saying “Good to see you” about a thousand times — someone yelled, “Roll Tide!”

Cook, an Alabama native who went to Auburn, knows how to respond to getting trolled by a ‘Bama fan. So he didn’t miss a beat, looking back over his shoulder and responding, “War Eagle!”

Nicely done. They say the best revenge is living well — and being CEO of Apple is a pretty good way to do that — but pausing to fire back with a rivalry-appropriate slogan ain’t bad, either.

However, Cook should be thankful that the guy who shouted “Roll Tide!” apparently wasn’t the same one whose friend proceeded to sucker-punch Zach Mettenberger.

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County seeking child protection order for Adrian Peterson’s son

Hennepin County wants to bar Adrian Peterson from unsupervised contact with the child to whom he admitted administering corporal punishment on two occasions. (Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press)

Officials in Minnesota’s Hennepin County filed a Petition for Child in Need of Protection or Services Friday on behalf of the son of Adrian Peterson. The Vikings running back was deactivated by the team and moved to the Exempt list following graphic reports of abuse he inflicted on the 4-year-old child.

The petition, first reported by the Star Tribune, notes the following:

  • About four days after Peterson hit him with a switch, the child returned from Texas to Minnesota, where he showed a pediatrician his “owies.”
  • The pediatrician observed “bruising and ten visible cuts/switch marks to the right thigh, bruised right testicle, abrasion mark to right side of scrotum, three switch marks left thigh, two switch marks on back, switch marks to right hand, and bruising to buttocks.”
  • The next day, the child was referred to the Midwest Children’s Resource Center, where a nurse practitioner observed that he had “at least eight linear hyperpigmented bruises” that “wrap around his upper leg and and the edges of the injuries have linear scabs.” The nurse found marks elsewhere on the child’s body consistent with the pediatrician’s report.
  • The child was interviewed a few days later by the MCRC and said that “his dad hit him with a switch and that it hurt,” and that “his dad hit him with a belt on a different day and that it hurt.” At this time, it was noted that the child “still has pattern injuries 10 days after the last known time he was physically abused. His injuries are significant and may cause some scarring.”
  • While being interviewed by Texas Child Protective Services and Law Enforcement, Peterson admitted that the child “received two spankings as a form of physical discipline, one with a belt and one with switch.”

In the petition, the Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department proposes that Peterson be barred from any more corporal punishment; that he not be allowed “unsupervised or unauthorized contact” with the child; that he complete “a valid parenting assessment,” and that he agrees to “sign a release for current psychologist.”

Petition for child in need of protection

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Ravens Coach Harbaugh reportedly wanted to cut Ray Rice in February

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Another day, another potential bombshell has dropped in the case of disgraced running back Ray Rice.

Just hours after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the public about the NFL’s domestic violence policy, ending nearly two weeks of silence, ESPN released a report, alleging that from the moment the NFL and the Ravens learned of Rice’s assault on his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in that now-famous Atlantic City elevator, there has been “a pattern of misinformation and misdirection employed by the Ravens and the NFL since that February night.”

ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ says it interviewed more than 20 sources, including team officials, current and former league officials, NFL Players Association representatives and associates, advisers and friends of Rice over the past 11 days and found that compared to other cases, the NFL “took an uncharacteristically passive approach when it came to gathering evidence, opening itself up to widespread criticism, allegations of inconsistent approaches to player discipline and questions about whether Goodell gave Rice — the corporate face of the Baltimore franchise — a light punishment as a favor to his good friend [Ravens owner Steve] Bisciotti.”

More specifically, however, the report concentrated on the Ravens’ handling of the case, with three major revelations:

  • Just hours after the incident occurred, Darren Sanders, the Ravens head of security, heard a detailed description of what happened inside that elevator and related it to team officials in Baltimore.
  • Ravens president Dick Cass knew of the existence of the inside-elevator video that became public on Sept. 8 in early April, and knew Rice’s Philadelphia defense attorney Michael J. Diamondstein had seen it and had a copy. Cass did not ask for it, however.
  • Coach John Harbaugh wanted to cut Rice from the team after seeing the outside-elevator video that shows Rice dragging his then-fiancee out of the elevator unconscious, but was prohibited from doing so by Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, who was backed by Bisciotti and Cass.

Of course, as it has been in the 12 days since TMZ Sports released the in-elevator video, the truth remains elusive. Within its own report, “Outside the Lines” writes that the Ravens disputed pretty much every allegation, and instead noted again that the team was unaware that Rice had knocked out Palmer “with a punch” inside that elevator. The Ravens also made clear how they viewed the relationship between Cass and Diamondstein.

“The Ravens said Cass made it clear that ‘Ray and his lawyer should proceed based on their assessment of what was in Ray’s best interests.’  The team declined to make Sanders available, saying he was traveling,” the report states.

Harbaugh also denied to “Outside the Lines” that he ever floated cutting Rice before Sept. 9, when the inside-elevator video came public.

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