Sodastream’s carbonated crash

The product: Sodastream in-home carbonation systems
The premise: Every time you use a Sodastream, you’re saving plastic by not purchasing soda from the store. Do you feel guilty about that Coke or Pepsi in your hand yet?
The punchline: …And Sodastream conveys this by exploding crates of soda bottles in convenience stores and delivery trucks. It looks almost malicious when some of the Sodastream users press the button, like they should be cackling maniacally as soon as their diet mixed berry soda is properly carbonated.
The verdict: For such a bubbly product, this commercial could have used a little more fizz. For the record, Sodastream’s first commercial, which went directly after Pepsi and Coke, two of the Super Bowl’s biggest spenders, was rejected. You can see both below.

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