Taco Bell’s fountain of youth

The product: Taco Bell
The premise: When some octogenarians bust out of their retirement home, they get into all kinds of teenage trouble: Regrettable tattoos, public displays of affection, breaking and entering, pyrotechnics, and finally, some late night Taco Bell.
The punchline: Depending on your opinion of Taco Bell: “Taco Bell keeps you young!” or, “Taco Bell encourages terrible behavior!”
The verdict: The directors found some great character actors — especially that guy who presses his nipple against the restaurant window — and a cool Spanish-language rendition of “We Are Young,” by the band fun, who got popular after being in a series of Nissan commercials for last year’s Super Bowl. True to the band’s name, it’s easily one of the most fun commercials of the Super Bowl this year.

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