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Posted at 03:20 PM ET, 01/25/2012

State of the Union: Chad Ochocinco reaches out to John Boehner

One of the three people in this photograph responded to a tweet from Chad Ochocinco. (Saul Loeb / AP)
Updated at 3:59 p.m.

And now, presenting President Obama’s State of the Union address as seen through the eyes of New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

I can't go to sleep what time is the State of the Union Address?Wed Jan 25 01:56:13 via Seesmic

A notoriously early riser who tweets about being the first customer each morning in the IHop parking lot in his Prius, Ochocinco (and the Patriots) had a day off before preparing for Super Bowl XLVI, which explains why he was up late and channel sufing.

Not being rude but if they stand up and clap on every statement Obama says this could go on well over 3 hours.Wed Jan 25 02:14:59 via Seesmic


Anybody notice the guy over Obamas left shoulder doesn't seem very happy and he's not smiling. He's not clapping with joyWed Jan 25 02:26:34 via Seesmic

Told that this is John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives, Ochocinco inquires if Boehner “has a Twitter.”

@SpeakerBoehner Just read some of your tweets and you seem pretty angry kind sir. I can see you on tv but you're not smiling. Hope you're okWed Jan 25 02:40:34 via Seesmic

Speech is awesome but how did he manage to memorize so much material? RT @wolfclaw5: @ochocinco what do you think of the speech so far?Wed Jan 25 02:56:07 via Seesmic

Has there ever been a President speak without a teleprompter? Difficult RT @Dlawsage: @ochocinco he reads it on a prompter in front of him.Wed Jan 25 03:02:06 via Seesmic

Like losing virginity all over again RT @dylgoss7: Hahah i feel like this is @ochocinco 's first time experiencing politics.Wed Jan 25 03:12:11 via Seesmic

By Wednesday morning, Ochocinco had tangible proof of a responsive government in action, with a tweet from his new BFF:

@ochocinco: Thanks & good luck in the @SuperBowl; we'll see you in the playoffs next year. Go #Bengals #WhoDeyWed Jan 25 17:39:56 via web

Not that Boehner was going to have the last word.

@SpeakerBoehner Hello Mr. Boehner, hoping you are in better spirits today. If all else seems bad in life just remember I love you kind sir.Wed Jan 25 15:51:45 via Seesmic

Scratch that. Evidently, this is like one of those phone conversations in which neither party wants to be the first to hang up.

Just another day on @Twitter talking #4jobs, #KXL, & football w/@ochocinco #Bengals #WhoDey Jan 25 20:28:07 via web

H/T, Natalie Jennings

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