Bill Belichick holds a Twitter Q & A (but don’t get used to the idea)

March 13, 2013

Why does he cut off the sleeves of his hoodies? Bill Belichick divulges the answer: Short arms. (Mark Humphrey / AP)

Bill Belichick once famously said, “I don’t do Twitter, My Face, or any of that stuff,” but darned if he wasn’t tweeting like a fiend on the first day of NFL free agency Tuesday.

Technically, he was just dictating answers in his typically terse style to his girlfriend Linda Holliday, but Twitter can be addictive. Maybe he won’t be able to stop…

It started simply, innocently enough at 10:21 p.m..



In “A Football Life,” Belichick had issues setting the clock in his car.


His favorite Super Bowl moment was, indeed, a great one involving his father, Steve, a longtime coach at Navy:

The man knows his snacks. Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate. It’s peppermint. It’s delicious.






It’s oddly compelling, monosyllabic stuff. Although he says he isn’t going to the Twitters any time soon, maybe he and Holliday could do this once a week. Tuesdays at 10?

(Pretty sure the LOL came from Holliday.)

H/T Dan Hanzus

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