Charles Barkley is in not-so-rare form

March 21, 2013
Charles Barkley is in the Hall of Fame for his play, not his analysis. (Chitose Suzuki / AP) Charles Barkley is in the Hall of Fame for his play, not his analysis. (Chitose Suzuki / AP)

The NCAA tournament began terrifically, perfectly with an analytical comment from Charles Barkley, who was, as always, impeccably prepared to talk college hoops.

“I think the No. 1 seeds are the best teams. [pause] Obviously.”

Yep, Sir Charles has done his homework. He’s mispronouncing names and referring repeatedly to the “Pac-10 Conference.”

What could be better? With Barkley, it’s the overall effect that counts and the sheer unpredictability, not the preparation.

Barkley has been doing this for the NCAA tournament for Turner Sports for three years now and he isn’t bothered by criticism.

“I never take anything personally,” Barkley told “Obviously the NBA is where my bread is buttered, but I like my chances against anybody talking about basketball.”

Other Barkley gems today:

“I broke Dellavedova down into 3 syllables.”

On the blue hair sported by Cody Ellis of St. Louis: “As long as he’s not dating my daughter, I like it.”


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