Touchdown Jesus turns 50 at Notre Dame

September 21, 2013

The iconic Hesburgh Library was a big draw for Navy players after a 2007 victory. (Jonathan Newton / Washington Post)

Notre Dame officials call the Hesburgh Library one of the recognizable pillars of the South Bend, Ind., along with the Basilica and the Golden Dome.

(Courtesy Notre Dame) (Courtesy Notre Dame)

But to most people, the library is known as Touchdown Jesus for the “Word of Life” mural/mosaic in which He seems to be signalling six points. Hard to believe, but Touchdown Jesus turns 50 this year, and the university is planning a year-long celebration that began Friday.

Although academic and artistic events are planned, it wouldn’t be right if there weren’t a little football, too, starting with a game today against Michigan State and another on Sept. 28 against Oklahoma, which coincides with a lecture on the story behind Touchdown Jesus.

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