Yankees bobble Mariano Rivera bobblehead night

September 25, 2013

(Kathy Willens / AP)
(Courtesy New York Daily News) (Courtesy New York Daily News)

When it comes to bobblehead nights, anyone can announce that they’re having one. Actually doing so is another matter, as the New York Yankees found out when there was an epic snafu involving, good grief, the Mariano Rivera bobblehead giveaway Tuesday night.

Because the train carrying the bobbleheads was delayed in Chicago, the collectibles honoring the legendary closer hadn’t arrived when the gates opened, so the first 18,000 fans were given vouchers for the bobbleheads.

Which arrived in the third inning and were distributed to fans who’d queued up and were mildly irritated.

“Lines formed immediately,” the New York Daily News’ Peter Botte wrote, “and stretched from beyond the right-field foul pole to third base on the main level, then up a ramp to another level and back down to the first level, as some fans waited several innings to scoop up their gifts.”

So, at least on Tuesday, the Yankees knew how to schedule a giveaway night, they just don’t know how to hold a giveaway night.

Not that things got any better after they put the “bobble” in bobblehead. The Yankees lost 7-0 to the Tampa Bay Rays, edging closer to elimination from the postseason and ever closer to the possibility that Thursday will be Rivera’s final appearance in Yankee Stadium.

(Kathy Willens / AP)

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