Audi’s menacing mutt Super Bowl commercial

February 2, 2014

Audi explores the potentially traumatic side-effects of compromise in its "Doberhuahua" Super Bowl ad. (Courtesy of Audi)

The Product: Audi A3

The Premise: He wants a chihuahua. She wants a Doberman Pinscher. At a pet store employee’s suggestion, they compromise and combine the breeds …

The Punchline:  … to create the unholy terror that is Doberhuahua, a monstrous beast that stalks the dog park and attacks Sarah MacLachlan during one of her weepy SPCA commercials (for the record, here’s what a Doberhuahua might actually look like). Audi: Engineer of your worst nightmares.

The Verdict: Bold move: A dog commercial that isn’t cute. Next year, let’s let one loose in the Puppy Bowl, and see what happens.

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