Toyota teams up with Muppets, Terry Crews for Super Bowl ad

February 2, 2014

The Product: Toyota Highlander

The Premise: Terry Crews is driving along a dusty road when he comes upon a broken down bus. When he stops to offer aid, the Muppets of Electric Mayhem pile into his car and take him on a weird, wonderful trip — through a old ladies’ bingo game, a winery, a parade, and more. It’s all to the tune of a new Muppet jingle, “We Ain’t Got No Room for Boring.”

The Punchline: Boring old Terry Crews starts to loosen up a bit — perhaps a bit too much, as his neighbor Kermit finds him shirtless and wild-eyed, with a tie around his head, singing his Muppet song. Was it all in his head?

The Verdict: When you think about it, this is the kid-friendly version of the Bud Light commercial that takes one man on a surprising, celebrity-packed day of adventures. Except these celebrities are puppets.

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