Michael Jordan apologized for Air Jordan malfunction

March 21, 2014

Tony Wroten’s shoes held up nicely against the Bulls. (Matt Slocum / AP)

Last week, Tony Wroten’s shoe fell apart on him at the worst possible moment: on the court, in the middle of the Philadelphia 76ers’ game. It was embarrassing for the company that made the shoe and especially for the guy whose name adorns it.

So embarrassing, in fact, that Michael Jordan felt he should apologize for the less-than stellar performance of his Nike Air Jordan 10s.

“It was more embarrassing than anything,” Wroten said Wednesday, according to the Delaware News Journal. “But things happen. I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah. … He called my agent.”

Jordan’s apology tour may be a lengthy one. In the last month, Manu Ginobili and Andrew Bogut have had ‘sploding Nikes, too.

Ginobili felt that he was to blame for his shoes inability to retain their sneaker-tivity. In his column with Argentine newspaper La Nacion, he wrote (via Spurs Nation blog):

I never experienced anything like that, not even close. It was my fault. For the past several years I had two shoe boxes in the garage, no air conditioning, and here in San Antonio, now moving from 40 degrees to (warm weather). That combination is very bad for the material. I used a pair of these shoes and what happened happened.

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