No rings? Damian Lillard insults Karl Malone, Chris Webber in new ad (video)

April 15, 2014

(Daniel Moloshok / AP)

Damian Lillard’s new Foot Locker commercial is pretty great, delivering on one of sports’ most-enduring rules: Always have fun at someone else’s expense.

In this ad, Lillard comes home with a shopping bag and tells someone on his cellphone that he doesn’t want to be one of those guys who never won a ring. Cut to Barry Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson. Or one of those basketball players who never won a ring. Over to Chris Webber. Or “one of those legends who lost in the Finals over and over.”

Enter Karl Malone.


On the upside, it looks like the Mailman grills some tasty burgers. Also, like he could play again…today.

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