Texas Coach Charlie Strong is buzzkill at Longhorns rally

Maybe we’ll win this number of games! (Associated Press)

Charlie Strong’s mission was simple. Hop on a fancy motorcoach, travel around the state and get Texas excited again about Longhorns football. The school even came up with a punny name for the tour — Comin’ on Strong — and let Bevo out of his gilded pen to meet and greet.

So here was Strong, Texas’s first-year football coach, at the inaugural Comin’ on Strong event in Fort Worth on Monday night. Fire ‘em up, Coach!

“We have everything available, and I don’t know why we can’t be successful,” Strong said. “There’s no reason for us not to be. Now, I can’t tell you how soon it’s going to be. Don’t hold me to that. Don’t say, ‘Ooh, coach said next year we’ll be in the national…’ We will not be in the national championship game.”

Comin’ on Strong with the cold, hard truth! Which, as we all know, big-time college football boosters love to hear!

According to the Austin American Statesman, which was on hand to chronicle Strong’s bracing, fun-killing honesty, “Strong laughed nervously, looked at emcee Ahmad Brooks and said,  ‘OK, you ready to go?”

In all likelihood, Strong wasn’t wrong. Texas went 8-5 in Mack Brown’s last year and was last seen losing by 23 to Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. The Longhorns have major questions at quarterback — they only have one healthy signal-caller at the moment — and in the secondary.

“Right now, there’s absolutely no reason to think Texas will be anything but a 7-5 team next season, maybe even 6-6,” the Austin American Statesman’s Brian Davis wrote the other day.

So, if you think about it that way, “we will not be in the national championship game” sounds much more reassuring than “we hope to go 7-5.”

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